Designer Concrete

Designer Concrete   Designer Concrete is a system which utilizes concrete as a base material with the aim to obtain monolithic stamped pavements which are coloured,mould, hydro & oil repellent. Any imaginable look or texture can be achieved using designer concrete. Many Different realistic effects like that of wood, random stone, cobble and brick can be created

with designer concrete. The finished job is sealed with protective coating which helps protect the product from dirt, UV rays and stains. It improves overall strength of the surface.

Area Of Application:

Designer concrete can be used indoors or outdoors in commercial areas such as roads, parking lots, pedestrian, walkways and Domestic areas such as Driveways, Paths, Garden Settings, Arcades and Pool Surrounds.

RIPL designer concrete floor has the following superior features:

  • Multiple colours. (Including both Metallic and Non Metallic)
  • Versatile Designs.
  • Inherent part of concrete floors with no joints.
  • Durable and aesthetic.
  • Abrasion resistant.
  • Faster turn around time.
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Designer Concrete