Granite   Dreaming of a gleaming granite kitchen top or bathroom? At RIPL, we offer premium quality at affordable prices. We specialise in bespoke granite kitchen worktops, bath surrounds, vanity surfaces and fireplaces. Granite gives the impression of elegance & quality that is why we choose granite of superior quality only.

With a wide range of granite products like slabs, gang saw, vertical, tiles, flamed, polished and honed in a varied range of colors we create a masterpiece with every bit of rough stone we excavate.

The various sizes of granites produced are:


Granite Type





Granite Raom Slabs – Gang saw   3300 X 1800 mm   20mm/30mm/40mm

Granite Random Slabs – Vertical   3000 X 9000 mm   20mm/30mm/40mm

Granite Tiles   305 X 305 mm, 457 X 457 mm,
305 X 610 mm, 300 X 300mm,
450 X 450mm, 300 X 600mm


Type of Granites Produced

  • Polished
    A glossy surface that brings out the full color and character of the granite.
  • Honed
    A satin smooth surface with little or no gloss.
  • Sand Blasting
    A smooth and blemish free texture that has no sheen.
  • Ball Blasting
    A smooth, flat, non-reflective surface, with occasional light trails or scratches.
  • Sawn
    A comparatively rough surface.
  • Thermal (flamed)
    Rough surface produced by application of high temperature flame to the surface.
  • Antique Finish
    Where the stone has a thermal surface that is processed with state of the art technology from Canada

Granite Types